Ears, Nose, Throat problems?

The best and most powerful remedies for treating ailments are not available on pharmacy shelves.

Unfortunately, many of those who offer treatment don’t know that either.

How do we know that? Well, for starters, when experts noted salt miners had robust respiratory systems with a hearty resistance to colds, they knew they had something special.

So, yeah, kinda a big deal.

And pretty simple, if you ask us.

Think of it this way: dry salt works like a sponge, attracting foreign gunk as it passes through the lungs and skin.

You’ll experience results from your very first session!

You could also consider it as nature’s toothbrush. The salt enters skin pores and gets to scrubbing. Foreign, icky build-up doesn’t stand a chance.

Nope, it won’t give you high blood pressure or any of those affects we associate with the consumption of salt. It’s more like an aerosol, with itty bitty particles, that can pass through our lungs and skin.

And everything that causes respiratory diseases and inflaming conditions? Salt naturally draws in as much moisture as it can as quickly as it can and stimulates the bronchial self-cleaning mechanism. Two birds, one element.

Clients can also expect to have radiant skin. There are enormous benefits for the skin’s protective top layer from the micro-particles of salt and the skin’s defensive qualities. The activity of skin cell ion channels increases as well, improving the efficiency of dermatology and cosmetology products.

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